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19 July

More than 140 young musicians in the second part of OrkesterkamP X

Chamber and orchestra summer school OrkesterkamP X between July 19 and 22 reached its peak. In the morning of July 19 more than eighty young musicians registered for orchestra Festival Winds and in the afternoon we had already chance to hear them at the first orchestra rehearsal together with Italian conductor Andrea Gasperin. The sound …Preberi več / Read more

12 July

OrkesterkamP X fully stepped in the action

On Friday, July 10, the youngest orchestra of the summer school Orkesterkamp windband Junior Winds gave the first orchestral concert of the Orkesterkamp season 2015. At the main square in town Bovec forty five musicians in age from eight to fifteen years join together for a lively performance of the program which was chosen by …Preberi več / Read more

29 June

OrkesterkamP X FESTIVAL

Do not allow that the slow summer vibe leads you to laziness. Give a kick to your everyday life and go out to find what interesting is going on around. Come to Bovec, refresh your mind and soul with alpine summer breeze and a bunch of good concerts. Free Classics are chamber music concerts which …Preberi več / Read more

22 June

OrkesterkamP Faculty/docenti 2015

After registration completion is time to check which conductor, professors and mentors at the summer orchestra school you will working with. As you will see the list is vast. At the whole summer school will collaborate four conductors and seventeen professors. They will be there to show you interesting new things in performance. They are …Preberi več / Read more

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